Baton Rouge: Three Cops shot dead

SKY NEWS:- The gunman who shot dead three police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was the same man later shot dead, according to authorities.

The three officers, two from the city’s police department and one from the sheriff’s office, were ambushed while responding to reports of gunfire on Sunday morning.

Initially it was thought there were two more suspects at large but Superintendent Colonel Mike Edmonson said: “There is not an active shooter scenario in Baton Rouge.

“We do believe the person that shot and killed our officers, that he is the person who was shot and killed at the scene.”

The gunman has been named in US media reports as Gavin Eugene Long, a 29-year-old African-American from Kansas City.

He is reported to have been a Dean’s List student at the University of Alabama in 2012.

According to a source quoted by Reuters, there is “reason to believe” that a 911 call was used to lure police to the scene where they would be shot at.

Two people have been detained in another town called Addis, which is near Baton Rouge, and called them “persons of interest”.

Three other police officers were shot and injured – one, aged 41, is in a critical condition and two others, 51 and 49, suffered life-threatening wounds but are described as being in a stable condition.

he officers killed have not been identified but were a sheriff deputy aged 45 and two police officers aged 45 and 32.

Police chiefs appeared at a press conference calling for residents to unite in the face of the violence.

Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said: “To me, this is not so much about gun control as it is about what’s in men’s hearts.

“And, until we come together as a nation, as a people, to heal as a people, if we don’t do that and this madness continues, we will surely perish as a people.”

A witness told WBRZ News that a man, dressed in black with his face covered, shot indiscriminately as he walked between a convenience store and a car wash early on Sunday morning.

The shootings happened less than a mile from the state capital’s police headquarters.

Police asked residents to be vigilant and to report anything suspicious.

The governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, asked the public to pray for the officers involved and their families, adding: “Rest assured, every resource available to the state of Louisiana will be used to ensure the perpetrators are swiftly brought to justice.”

He added: “We have to do better.

“An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us and the people who carried out the attack, the individuals, they do not represent the people of Baton Rouge or the state of Louisiana or what’s best about our country.

“They don’t represent the values we stand for.”

Although officials say the scene seems to have been contained, locals are being urged to stay away from the area.

President Barack Obama said the shooting underscored the danger law enforcement officials faced but that the killer “will not be the last to make us try to turn on each other”.

“Regardless of motive, the death of these three brave officers underscores the danger that police across the country confront every single day, and we as a nation have to be loud and clear that nothing justifies violence against law enforcement.”

Baton Rouge hit the headlines earlier this month after a black man was controversially shot dead by officers in the city.

The father-of-five who died, Alton Sterling, was laid to rest at a three-hour service in Baton Rouge on Friday.

A wave of nationwide protests followed after Sterling was killed – and at one demonstration in Dallas, a gunman opened fire and killed five white police officers.

Following the shooting, the head of the Cleveland Police Union has called on the governor of Ohio to declare a state of emergency and suspend laws allowing people to openly carry firearms during the Republican convention.

On Facebook, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump wrote: “How many law enforcement and people have to die because of a lack of leadership in our country? We demand law and order.”

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton said: “There is no justification for violence, for hate, for attacks on men and women who put their lives on the line every day in service of our families and communities.”

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