Woman dies after vehicle plunges into harbour

A yet unidentified woman is reported dead after a vehicle plunged into the Castries Harbour  early this morning.

Eyewitness, William Damaze, told the Times that he observed a Suzuki Swift travelling at about forty miles an hour.

william-damaze“It was not moving fast,” he said.

He recalled that the vehicle came to an abrupt stop and started spinning.

“I stood up there wondering what the hell was going on. Next thing I see that just drag and flip over in the water,” Damaze explained.

He said he appealed to a male passerby to help him go to the aid of the persons in the vehicle, but recalled that the man just shook his head and went his way.

Damaze recounted that a woman came out of the vehicle.

He said he called out to her, inquiring whether there were others inside but the female kept screaming.

The Good Samaritan said after a while the woman was able to answer, indicating that her Sister in Law was inside the vehicle.

Damaze and a dreadlocks sporting citizen who identified himself only as Morrison went to the rescue.

morrison“By the time we pull the girl out of the vehicle, she start foaming – check her pulse, awah,” Damaze told the Times, before breaking down in tears.

“The girl lose her life just like that,” he lamented.

He said the deceased was the driver of the vehicle.

Damaze said it was about the third time that he has gone to the assistance of someone whose vehicle plunged into the Castries harbor.

harbour-death“These things just there to happen even if they put barriers,” he asserted.

Morrison, the other person who tried to rescue the female in the vehicle, said it was a sad incident coming in the middle of carnival,

He felt that barriers should be erected to prevent a recurrence.

This morning’s death is the second within the past twenty four hours.

Last night, Banker Andy Delmar, died in a vehicular collision on the Millennium Highway.

andy-delmarDelmar, the Managing Director of First national Bank,  was also a band leader.

The collision occurred at about 7 pm and involved three vehicles, including a truck.

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