Motorcyclist taken off life support

A young motorcyclist who was involved in an accident on Sunday, has been taken off life support.

Twenty-six year old Derek Altenor was taken off the life support machine yesterday, his cousin told the Times.

The cousin recalled that Altenor was involved in an accident at 2:am on Sunday morning, ending up in ditch as he tried to avoid an oncoming vehicle.

cousin-of-derek-altenorHe disclosed that as a result of the incident at Babonneau, the deceased sustained a broken skull and broken arms.

“Derek was a loving person,” the cousin said, adding that the deceased did his time and tried to change his life.

According to the cousin, Altenor never looked for trouble, but would defend himself if attacked.

He said some years ago the deceased was attacked on the Babonneau bus stand and in defending himself, the attacker died.

“After that, he was persecuted; he went through hell,” the cousin said.

The cousin, other relatives and friends gathered yesterday near the spot in Babonneau where the accident that injured Altenor occurred, in order to remember him.

They placed flowers near the spot.

derek-altenor-remembrance derek-altenor-remembrance-2

The deceased leaves behind a two year old son.




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