‘Disappointing’ turnout for Ganja forum

Organizers of a ganja forum to prepare a policy paper on reform of local marijuana laws, described today’s turnout as disappointing.

“I thought that more people would come but a few of them told me that they would be coming in the afternoon because some could not come in the morning,” Andre ‘Pancho’ Decaires of the Cannabis Movement told the Times during a break in the morning session of the event.

He explained that other people had to work and would drop in later.

Decaires said however that organizers were happy that three school principals were among those in attendance, along with a high ranking representative from the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and a representative from the churches.

He disclosed that the police, the principals and the churches had relevant concerns about the negative effects of marijuana.

Decaires said the ganja forum was the place to ventilate those concerns so that when policy is presented everyone would be satisfied.

He stated that the most important wish for the organizers was a moratorium on  incarceration for ganja.

Decaires disclosed that  coming out of the the ganja forum there would also be several other recommendations.

“We actually would like to address cabinet,” he told the Times, adding that the intention was to present to the government a country paper on marijuana which the current administration could take before Caricom heads of government.