Cannabis Movement says SLP “stonewalled” ganja movement

The Cannabis Movement has said that the former Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration “stonewalled”  efforts to get marijuana legalized in Saint Lucia.

Cannabis Movement spokesman, Andre Decaires told the Times that the new United Workers Party (UWP) administration appears to be more open to the process.

“I think the last four and a half years with the SLP government – the rhetoric coming from the more conservative ministers like Mr. La Corbiniere and Miss Alvina Reynolds,  set a sort of  a negative tone and a negative spin and as a result there was no conversation,” Decaires disclosed.

Victor La Corbiniere was the Minister of National Security in the former SLP administration while Alvina Reynolds was Minister of Health.

However Decaires told the Times that the UWP administration represented a “complete 180 degree turn” in the way that the ganja issue is being dealt with.

He said that National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis and Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute are eager to have the conversation going.

Montoute is Minister for Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment, Youth Development, Sports, Culture and Local Government.

“I am not saying that these two ministers are totally in agreement with everything that we are saying, but at least the conversation is there and it is a way forward,” the Cannabis Movement spokesman asserted.

Noting the trend of rising food prices globally, Decaires said the hope was that the cultivation of cannabis would be a catalyst for a resurgence in the Saint Lucia agriculture industry.

He declared that under the SLP, no one spoke in support of the ganja initiative, while the UWP administration was completely the opposite.

“Everybody is willing to sit down and speak about it, which I think is a very mature and humble approach,”  Decaires declared.