Cleopatra releases new single entitled Adicté

If you haven’t heard this name before then history has given you a second chance. The Cleopatra I speak of however is not of Roman ancestry but Cleopatra Jules. The newest member of The Vineyard Entertainment Inc.

Cleopatra is a self-taught singer and songwriter with a burning desire and an unquenchable passion for music. Growing up in the church like most great singers, she developed the urge to do more but didn’t really express that seriousness until 2010. It was in that year which she represented her company at the annual Inter-Commercial House Calypso competition placing third and later on released a Christmas Song and music video. The song and video got attention but not nearly what she would have hoped for; this would however be a benchmark to show her growth later on. She met The Vineyard Entertainment Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer Mustaphar M. Felicien after a performance at the Firegrill restaurant in July, 2015 where she was amongst a group of persons showcasing their talents before heading off to Nassau, Bahamas where they were expected to represent the country and themselves at the Island MMTS Talent Showcase. This proved to be a success as Cleopatra claimed one of the awards in the female category which showcased over 15 other countries. Mr. Felicien expressed his interest in having her become a signed artist to the label and she was officially signed to The Vineyard Entertainment Inc. label in April 2016.

Her manager Kishma Louis who is also one of the labels directors describes Cleopatra as a natural fit to the label as she has an incredible range, staggering consistency and a wonderful soul that is felt in every song.

Cleopatra’s first single under Vineyard Entertainment Inc is entitled Adicté. It is a Zouk Creole hybrid or what some would call Zouk Love that captures the essence of the music and moves you to truly be addicted. The song details a physical connection with an unforeseen suitor and the feelings that are later invoked. Adicté.e is one of the tracks to expect in her upcoming album. The song was produced by the labels Mustaphar M Felicien and Jason Fulgence who describe the workflow as the easiest they have ever had and quite possibly the best mix they have ever had. Adicté is now available for release on all popular social media.

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