Peter Josie wants less ministerial appointments

Veteran politician, Peter Josie, has asserted that the culture of appointing numerous government ministers has to stop.

Josie was a guest  last night on the DBS Television programme, Newsmaker Live, with Journalist – Timothy Poleon as host.

The politician asserted that only a new constitution can stop the trend locally of appointing many persons to cabinet.

“I think a new constitution, if it is properly thought out and dedicated to improving Saint Lucia, would cut across all of those things,” Josie, a former Foreign Minister, declared.

He explained that if someone contests a general election in the knowledge that he may not be appointed a cabinet minister, he would have an opportunity to work for his constituency and be paid for doing so.

Josie asserted that such an individual can also take the opportunity to improve himself.

“Everybody wants to be a minister,” he stated.

As far as the veteran politician was concerned, a government can function with at least seven ministers.

He said there should be an Attorney General working with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, if the two portfolios are not held by the same person.

“You obviously must have a Minister of Education, a Minister of Health, a Minister of Housing, Communications and Works and Foreign Relations, “ Josie told Newsmaker Live, asserting that these were the core ministries that must be in place.

He stated that governments do not need to be tied down to making everyone a minister.

The current cabinet of the ruling United Workers Party (UWP) has sixteen ministers.


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