Saint Lucian Student shares her experiences with the National System of Orchestras of Venezuela

On Wednesday July 27th 2016, the Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Her Excellency Leiff Escalona, and the First Secretary, Juan Echeverria,  met with the most outstanding student at the Saint Lucia School of Music, Ms Melody Frevier who, accompanied by her parents, came to express her deepest appreciation for the support received from the National System of Orchestras and Youth and Children Choirs of Venezuela, the institution that facilitated an intensive workshop of musical training in violin playing for a period four months in the Cities of Guarenas and Guatire in Miranda State.

This experience was enabled within the structure of the cultural exchange programme that has been developed in recent years through the ALBA-Petrocaribe Integration Scheme, with the short and medium term aim of creating a Caribbean Orchestra, with Saint Lucia being chosen as the pilot project.

The young student expressed her intention to share her knowledge and experience with other students from St. Lucia, noting that she had the opportunity to train with the Youth Orchestra and the Regional Orchestra of Miranda State, and to participate in a series of concerts in Caracas and other cities around the country.

Fevrier received training in technical skills on her favoured instrument – the violin, and also in orchestral direction, as well other aspects of performance in the musical industry under the guidance of specialist teachers of the Simon Bolivar Musical Foundation.

Her parents, Mr. Peter and Sophia Fevrier, were very appreciative of the opportunity presented to their daughter. Said her father: “From 2013 to date, through the support of the Venezuelan Government in collaboration with the Saint Lucia School of Music, music students in this country have been able to participate in and share wonderful experiences in the area of musical training, which has increased the skills level of the children and young people of the island, and this co-operation and exchange should continue and be further strengthened.”

Additionally, Melody said “The Venezuelan teachers have a high technical level, the students are very disciplined and above all, a high demand and passion from each and every one of the teachers and students from the different centres of the System of Orchestras that I met.” She also said that “discipline is part of the daily life of the System and I think that with perseverance one can achieve all the goals in the professional and personal level, as stated by its motto: “To Play and to Fight”.

The Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in St. Lucia, Leiff Escalona, expressed her pleasure with the family’s visit to her office, while thanking “the Saint Lucia School of Music and the Simon Bolivar Musical Foundation for haven opened the doors to this talented young lady in order to form linkages with the experience offered by ‘The System’, as part of cultural exchange between Venezuela and the Caribbean.”

“We are proud to hear a student from St. Lucia speak that way about our National Orchestra, which has trained more than 787,000 children and adolescents mostly from low income families, and who have the opportunity to learn and perform classical and popular music, and to enjoy learning the art.”

“It is important to acknowledge that this miracle of inclusion at the national level in all states and cities of Venezuela, is possible thanks to the policies of the Bolivarian Government, through the conviction of Commander Chavez, who from 2010 decided to make it a Musical Foundation, attached to the Office of the Presidency, in order to give the financial boost and to exponentially increase the number of participants.”

“Today these policies remain a priority for President Nicolas Maduro, who continues to maintain that the development of human beings is a fundamental premise of the Bolivarian Revolution” ended the Ambassador.

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