Hibiscus Trolley Train to be launched here soon

It’s not a bird, or a plane….no, actually, it’s a train, the Hibiscus Trolley train to be exact.

Entrepreneur, Daniel Nunez, and his fiancée, Mindy, are behind the new venture which they say has attracted rave reviews in Dominica and some other Islands where similar trains operate.

daniel-nunez-and-mindyThey told the Times that the  Hibiscus Trolley train has also been met with a good response here in Saint Lucia.

Nunez told the Times that when the train officially gets on track within the next three weeks or so, it will be operating from Pointe Seraphine.

He explained that the train will leave Pointe Seraphine every Saturday at noon.

Nunez disclosed that everyone is invited to be taken for a ride through Castries to Vigie beach and back to Pointe Seraphine.

He told the Times that the train has a powerful engine and not many roads will prove to be a challenge.

Nunez explained that the only challenge is having enough space to turn.

He revealed that the endeavor aims to cater not only for locals, but visitors as well.

Nunez told the Times that the wedding market will be a special target.

The train has been doing trial runs around the City, attracting much attention in the process.

A number of local drivers are being trained to drive the vehicle, which has a capacity of about seventy passengers.

Nunez told the Times that the project has the cooperation of the authorities here.