Avid Piton Fan Wins $5000 Carnival Promotion Prize!

PRESS RELEASE:- The excitement of the Carnival season continued for loyal Piton customers as the brand announced the winner of its Supermarket Carnival promotion grand prize of $5000!

The end of the promotion is a culmination of Piton’s major sponsorship of Carnival 2016 where the brand deepened its support to the Carnival Planning and Development Agency (CPMA) which resulted in increased prize money  for Groovy and Soca Monarch Competition. Piton also named for the first time ever a brand Ambassador in Sedale and festively rebranded the label for Piton beer bottle and can.

The Piton Carnival promotion saw customers getting weekly prizes simply by purchasing a Piton 6-Pack at Super J and UltraMart supermarkets. The winners got tickets to major carnival events, Carnival costumes, a Piton Carnival pack and even more Piton beer.

Gerald Dalson of Goodlands Castries, a self-proclaimed Piton Beer fan, was elated to learn that out of thousands of customers who entered the two month long promotion, he was walking away with the big prize of $5000!

“Thank you so much for Piton!” he beamed. “I have always loved Piton and I am a huge fan and super excited to be selected and win this $5000.”

Speaking after the prize draw and the announcement of the winner, Piton Brand Manager Sylvester Henry said: “Mr. Dalson is a loyal Piton customer and just by speaking with him you can tell how much he loves the brand. He can tell you about when Piton was launched in 1992 and some of the activities Piton supported at that time. We care about rewarding customers who are loyal to the brand and who participate and support our promotions.”

Henry described the promotion as a success, adding that Piton was happy to support Carnival in 2016. He noted that the brand is looking forward to deepening its involvement even more in the years to come. Customers are encouraged to look out for even more Piton promotions.

Drink Piton Responsibly.

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