Hotel workers made redundant

Some twenty hotel workers employed by St. James’s Club Morgan Bay resort have been made redundant, Labour Commissioner, Ray Narcisse has confirmed.

The redundancies took effect last last month.

Narcisse told the Times that the resort took the action as a result of difficult economic conditions currently being experienced by the hotel.

He explained that there is a certain procedure to be followed in making workers redundant.

Narcisse said because the workers are unionized, there must be dialogue with their bargaining agent on the issue with a view to determining how the situation can be mitigated.

“The union would have suggestions and perhaps those suggestions might save a job or two,” the Labour Commissioner observed.

Narcisse told the Times that he understood that there was some communication between the two parties.

“The law also requires that the employer writes to the Labour Commissioner giving details about how many positions are being made redundant and who will be affected and we have had that,” he observed.

He said that benefits due to workers must be checked by the Labour Department, since there could be discrepancies especially in regard to outstanding vacation.

“Any discrepancies, the department will ensure that  this is resolved,” Narcisse said.

He stated that what was important for the Labour Department is that procedures be respected so that the union representing the workers would have a say and there would be consultation.

“That did happen,” Narcisse told the Times.

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