New Executive for St. Lucia Life Saving Association

At the recently held Annual General Meeting of the St. Lucia Life Saving Association a new Executive was elected to serve the Organization.


VICE PRESIDENT: Jonathan Joseph

SECRETARY: Terroll Compton

TREASURER: Sannyu Clarke Issac

FLOOR MEMBER: Ricardo Sayers

FLOOR MEMBER: Sherma Barnard

FLOOR MEMBER: Vanessa Eugene

The Association continues with all its programs and is pleased to say this AUGUST a Lifesaving Instructor Trainer Course is to be conducted as well as a Swimming & Lifesaving Instructor Course on the island. This will be followed by a First Aid Instructor.

Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid Courses that are prerequisites for both National Lifeguard and Instructor Courses are ongoing with qualified Lifesaving Instructors year round.

Lifesaving as a sport is also an important element as it not only keeps those qualified at different levels fit but also will ensure that our Association can send teams to compete at both Regional and International at all levels.

This year the Royal Life Saving Society is celebrating 125 years in existence and all the Commonwealth territories are introducing new programs to celebrate. St. Lucia is targeting the youth of the country with three programs that are also important for adults who are interested.


A session has been conducted with Swimming and Lifesaving Instructors who are now teaching this program. A second session with further instructors will be conducted in the next couple of weeks. It involves a swimmer falling into the water, learning to tread water for one minute, swim 50 meters and climbing out of the water. For those who are swimmers, this same skill is performed whilst wearing clothes. It also teaches how to put a lifejackets on both in and out of the water to stay safe. All candidates receive a certificate.


This program can be taught in the classroom, at a community centre or any place where groups gather. It teaches youngsters how they can assist someone in difficulty in the water without entering the water and endangering their own lives unless they have the skills to perform a water rescue.


Water Safety is an important element for all those who go near any body of water whether it be the sea, lake, river, pond, swimming pool or anywhere somebody can drown. Toddlers can drown in just a couple of inches of water. Here again, this is not taught at the waterfront but anywhere where persons gather together.

Worldwide most drowning are within 10 meters of shore. Countries who have conducted these programs have found that the accident rate has dropped tremendously.

The Association continues to provide National Lifeguards for public activities and should anyone require a lifeguard for either a public or a private event such as a children’s birthday party, beach picnic or boating day, please contact the following person, John Bruce, President of the Association at email: or telephone: (758) 721 5213



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