Owen King EU Hospital receives Hi-Tech Operating Tables‏

PRESS RELEASE:-Doctors and Nurses of the Victoria Hospital recently received intensive training on the brand new, hi-tech operating tables recently installed at the Owen King EU Hospital.

The OR Tables are highly automated and come full equipped with numerous accessories for various surgical procedures.

operating-table-2 Marisol Escudero conducted the training on the operations and technical functions of the OR Table. Escudero represents Maquet,  the company responsible for conducting training on such equipment for the Caribbean Region and Central America.

She said that OR Tables acquired for the Owen King EU Hospital are universal and allow for many different types of surgeries to be performed on them.

 “So you have here many of the accessories for orthopedics, general surgeries, obstetrics etc. These tables are very stable and have many features that will help the healthcare professionals in their day to day work.”

 At the end of the two day training session doctors and nurses will have a firm understanding of the operations of the new OR Tables and accessories including the advanced features of the equipment.

 “They are practicing right now the movements of the table, the setting of accessories and they will have the ability to remember the parts and fit the right accessories on the table.”

 Departmental Manger for the Day Surgery Unit and ICU at the Victoria Hospital, Sylvia Monlouis  expressed the excitement of the staff to receive this timely training.

 “We’re learning how to operate our new operating table and it has quite a bit of features that we didn’t have with the others. It makes life very much easier and our patients a lot safer. We’re learning quite a lot. It’s a lot to take in at one time but we’re excited… We never compromise care we always give optimum care to our patients but with the features that this table has it will make it easier, our patients will be safer and that’s what we are excited about. No longer would we have to improvise to keep our patients safe.”

 Escudero also gave her impressions of the Owen King EU Hospital having visited my institutions in the Caribbean and Central America.

 “I believe that the hospital is really nice and it has all the equipment necessary and most of the equipment is really hi-tech and I hope they will open very soon because people are very excited about the equipment  and the treatment they will be able to give to the patients.”

Over the past few weeks there has been a surge of new equipment and furniture arriving at the Owen King EU Hospital including beds, tables, chairs and shelving for all areas of the hospital in preparation of the eventual opening of the facility.


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