Police say they will not allow a handful of thugs to wreak havoc

Police have warned that they will not allow a handful of thugs to continue creating problems in the country.

The warning came from Police Commissioner, Severin Moncherry, following the double homicide in Vieux Fort on August 6, 2016.

The shooting death of two young men in Bruceville in the wee hours of Saturday morning is reported to be in reprisal for a previous double homicide last month in the same community.

There are fears that the reprisals will continue.

“It is something that the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force cannot allow,” the Police Commissioner told the Times.

While expressing condolences to the families of those who were killed, Moncherry said it appears that the killers have no love in their hearts.

“They do not know how to love each other and do not know how resolve their conflicts and manage their anger,” the Police Chief declared.

He vowed that the Police will do all it can within the confines of the law to ensure that this country’s good name is not spoiled and citizens and visitors can feel safe.

The Police Commissioner’s comments follow  reports of an updated travel advisory issued by Canada on August 1, 2016, warning its citizens  travelling here to avoid places like: Marchand, Broglie Street, Grass Street, Leslie Land, and Wilton’s Yard, located off of Chausee Road, because of high rates of crime in those areas.

Moncherry declared that a handful of persons cannot be allowed to destroy this country’s name and create fear.

He disclosed that the police have been obtaining quite a bit of information.

However Moncherry explained that some people are understandably afraid to come forward.

He urged such individuals that if they do not feel safe divulging information, they can confide in him, any senior police officer or any “upright” citizen who can pass on the information to the police.

The Police Commissioner called on all members of the public to join the RSLPF in solving crime.

“We are all in this thing together,” he told the Times.

He said crime was not a police issue and people should not wait until they are affected before they act.

Since Saturday’s double homicide in Vieux Fort, police have arrested two young men described as persons of interest in the fatal shootings.

The two were arrested on the same day that the fatal shootings took place.

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