Mary Francis says: Relieve the pressure on the courts

Human Rights Activist, Mary Francis, has made an impassioned plea for the pressure on the courts to be relieved.

Francis recalled that under the last administration, there was the problem of the dysfunctional court system, lack of space and courts being in different locations.

“The problem still exists to a certain extent,” the Attorney at Law told the Times.

Francis said she was aware that the new government is just two months old and things take time.

But she asserted that some things can be done in terms of relieving the pressure that is being put on poor people.

The Attorney at Law noted that financial hardship is created by the situation of having the “D” Court or Management Court sitting at Gros Islet.

She observed that some of the people who are required to attend that court are unemployed, underemployed and with little means.

Francis told the Times that those individuals have to find money to go to Gros Islet to attend the court to get a date for their case, which is then sent back to Castries.

“This is ridiculous,” she declared, adding that the pressure on the court must be relieved.

According to the Human Rights Activist, a little common sense could address the problem.

She suggested that the “D” court can be shifted for the time being to Castries.

Francis told the Times that she understood that the “Nyerah Court” may be closed.

She observed that the criminal high court is in recess, providing an opportunity to use the criminal high court in the Nyerah building on the Castries Gros Islet highway.

Francis suggested that the court “D” can be shifted back to Castries.

She said:

“We have a little two by four court in Castries where lawyers have to go downstairs the family court. We have no space to write, no table or proper adequate space to write.How can we efficiently represent clients? Those are simple things which can be tackled right now by the new administration.”



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