Child labour assessment survey begins in Saint Lucia

A child labour assessment survey is currently underway in Saint Lucia.

The assessment, which began on Monday, is being done by International Labour Organization (ILO) Specialist, Alessandro Conticini.

Labour Commissioner, Ray Narcisse, explained that the government of Saint Lucia had appealed to the ILO for assistance in determining whether Saint Lucia has a child labour problem.

Narcisse asserted that there are indications that there may be a problem, given the issue of school dropouts.

He explained that the school dropouts may be doing work to earn a living.

Narcisse said that the ILO Specialist will be conducting a rapid assessment of the situation.

The Labour Commissioner disclosed that Conticini will be visiting a number of agencies, government ministries and places where children may be to compile his findings.

Narcisse told the Times that the assessment is for the entire week, at the end of which representatives of the Labour Department will meet with the visiting ILO official.

“He will give us an idea as to what his findings are,” he observed.

The Labour Commissioner told the Times that at the meeting, Conticini is expected to formally present a paper.

“If he finds for example that we might have a child labour situation, he will recommend some priorities that we can work on to arrest that situation, but if he finds that the problem is not so serious, there will still be some recommendations to help to prevent it,”  Narcisse stated.



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