Coconut Bay Football Team Aims for Gold in 2016 SLHTA National Football Competition

Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa Football Team is expressing its determination to capture the 2016, SLHTA Football Invitational championship currently underway. The team has registered victories in all of their matches to date against Le Sport, Capella Marigot and Sandals Grande.

The squad which is captained by Bobby Emmanuel has been under the guidance and supervision of management and technical units which have worked together with the team to foster a fervor for excellence and success reflective of the Coconut Bay brand.

Company CEO Mark Adams and Vice President of Hotel Operations Karl Hallberg have thrown their full support behind the team and have actually attended some of the matches to cheer on the southern boys towards coping the ultimate prize. Mr. Adams in expressing his elation at the team’s performance to date, stated: “I understand too well that the success of this football team can translate into boosting staff confidence and pride in their property, this we encourage and will give our full support. I have already approved the provision of a package of attractive incentives. We look forward to celebrating their success in a major way”

The coach, management, captain and members of the Coconut Bay Football team are placing all teams on alert that we are relentless in our determination to continue stamping our authority and dominance on the ongoing competition. We promise all that we will play every match with an intensity and grit that is driven by our determination to be the best.

The Coconut Bay Football Team – Coconut Bay “Hard Nuts” is placing all other teams on alert that our supreme intention (as the only team from the south of the island) is to lift the 2016 SLHTA Football Championship. We will continue to express that determination inspired by the strength and resilience of the Atlantic Ocean which washes the shores of our property. Coconut Bay “Hard Nuts” are Champions!