Mayor: City Constables to play major security role in capital

City Constables will be playing a major anti-crime role in the capital of Castries, new Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, has announced.

Francis has told the Times that security in the City will be his number one priority.

He disclosed that he has inherited a situation in which the strength of the City Constabulary has dwindled from thirty to thirteen at present.

Francis told the Times that he plans to bring the strength up to fifty.

He explained that he intends to discuss the issue with Police Commissioner, Severin Moncherry and explore the possibility of hiring retired police officers,  some of whom are currently employed by private establishments as Security Guards.

According to the Mayor, this will eliminate the need for intensive training.

He also spoke of plans to establish a police desk at the Castries City Council (CCC).

“Part of the problem is that I do not think that the Castries City Council recognized that we are in charge of the City, so we have to protect the capital,” Francis declared.

He asserted that his first priority as Mayor is to get the City Police functioning in a bid to improve security in Castries.

“We are going to have a twenty-four hour service,” Francis told the Times.

He spoke of plans to reinstate beat patrols, so that on every street corner there will be a City Police presence in the City.

Francis told the Times:

“One of the ridiculous things that I have inherited here is that while we have thirteen Constables here, do you know that their main function now as I speak to you is to watch vehicles on the square to determine which are supposed to park and which are not?”

He expressed the view that the number of City Constables had dwindled over the years because the authorities never recognized the role the officers have to play in security in Castries.



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