SLP says PM caught in ‘tangled web’

Press Release:- The Saint Lucia Labour Party has noted that in a statement carried in the “Saint Lucia Times” on August 5th 2016, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet is quoted as saying that only the prosecution of those police officers involved in the extra-judicial killings which occurred in 2010 and 2011 “will satisfy the United States.”

 In another interview to the same “Saint Lucia Times” the Prime Minister indicated that the Government will finance a “Special Prosecutor” to prosecute those alleged of carrying out the killings.

According to him, “The first thing the Special Prosecutor will have to do is determine the quality of the evidence and whether the case can proceed.”

Prime Minister Chastanet now needs to explain what is different in this approach and that announced by the former Government.

Clearly, this was not the approach promised to the members of the Royal Saint Police Force by the UWP before and during the General Election Campaign. The Police were told that the Impacts Report will disappear in 100 days. What therefore has changed?

The Saint Lucia Labour Party has also noted Chastanet’s meanderings in respect of the UWP’s proposal to appoint a Special Tribunal. Initially, this Tribunal was supposed to review the findings of the “IMPACS REPORT.”

Having been obviously told that this would be unconstitutional and compromise the judicial process, he now says that the Tribunal is to assist the Police force “on the way forward.”

Prime Minister Chastanet has now been caught in a “tangled web” as a very direct result of his calculated efforts to make unrealistic promises to the Police Force and the public at large.