Masked gunmen strike in Choiseul

Masked gunmen attacked a Peter and Company goods vehicle today in Choiseul, reliable sources have told the Times.

The incident occurred after noon.

According to information, four bandits in a white Subaru cut across the path of the Peter and Company distribution van, forcing the vehicle to stop.

It is reported that two of the bandits, wielding guns, rushed out of the Subaru and forced their way into the distribution van.

Times sources said that the  two gunmen held up the driver of the Peter and Company vehicle and his passenger, forcing the driver to head from  Morne Sion, Choiseul, where the hold up occurred, to Laborie near the quarry.

The  Peter and Company driver and passenger were later blindfolded and bound.

The white Subaru with the other two bandits followed the hijacked van to Laborie, where all four criminals  transferred goods to their vehicle and robbed their victims of the day’s takings before escaping, it is reported.

The robbery victims later freed themselves and summoned the police.



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