SLTU President speaks on teacher misconduct

SLTU President speaks on teacher misconduct

The Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU), has said that it does not condone inappropriate relationships between teachers and students.

SLTU President, Julian Monrose, told the Times that the organization has a code of ethics which reflects its expectations of every teacher.

According to Monrose, the code clearly indicates that the teacher, as a responsible adult, must always ensure a proper relationship with students and must not at any time exploit the position of trust.

He made it clear that on the specific issue of the alleged sexual misconduct involving a Principal with female students at a City school that was reported in the media he was unable to comment, since as of Thursday morning when the interview was conducted with the Times, the matter had not been brought to the union’s attention.

“In terms of the specifics, we don’t know,” Monrose explained.

He told the Times that despite a teacher being accused, it does not mean that the individual is guilty.

The SLTU President said that the matter must take its course before the Teaching Service Commission before a pronouncement can be made on the case.

Responding to suggestions that teacher misconduct may be widespread, Monrose asserted that the vast majority of teachers are hardworking, dedicated individuals working in the best interests of students.

“I will not say it does not happen,” he told the Times, adding that in the past persons have been found guilty.

But Monrose declared that the SLTU does not condone such behavior.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 25, 2016 at 7:56 am Reply

    Monrose I am so annoyes you coming there and lying. but when is other teacher you fellas in the union dont like, you guy dont even represent them well.
    anyways I know the school princi and you are friends, so you will claim not to know about any details. why lie to our faces when I know you know what I know. Say its not the right time to speak on it, but dont say you eh know.
    DOnt worry, A group of us are coming to get rid of this useless SLTU especially you and sleep uninformed Howell next elections

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