Volunteer Saint Lucia to attend CVX 2.5 in Trinidad and Tobago

PRESS RELEASE:-The National Volunteer Office is pleased to inform you of yet another major undertaking as we move to incorporate volunteerism as a culture amongst our Caribbean community.

After a volunteer symposium and conference held in Dominica in February 2015, the Volunteer Centre of Trinidad and Tobago, impressed by Saint Lucia’s commitment and our Government’s investment to volunteerism decided to launch the “Caribbean Volunteer eXchange (CVX) Programme” in 2015.

Volunteer Saint Lucia hosted the second exchange in March 2016 while the third leg of this event will be hosted by Jamaica in 2017.

In an effort to better prepare our Caribbean Volunteer Coordinators for this growing challenge, a coordinators retreat and planning meeting will be held in Trinidad and Tobago from 12th to 16th August 2016.

Under the theme: To Globalize or Regionalise the Caribbean Volunteer eXchange programme, some of the issues down for discussion are:

> A review exercise of the 1st and 2nd events held in Trinidad & Tobago and Saint Lucia.

> Visioning exercise by Caribbean coordinators and development of MOU’s and Manuals for Volunteers and,

> Strategic alignment of participants in the windward and leeward islands, high and low impact countries (based on economic developments, voluntary impact and practices).

The Outgoing National Volunteer Coordinator Mr. Cyril J Saltibus who will continue to play an important leading role within the Caribbean Volunteer eXchange programme, will be presenting at this meeting alongside Saint Lucia’s Volunteer Administrative office Ms. Anya Edwin and other Caribbean coordinators.