Castries Lions and Leos Participate in Lions Worldwide Week of Service for Youth

Lions International dedicated the Week August 8 -14 as Worldwide Week of Service dedicated to mentoring, empowering an engaging youth through community service.  This international event is designed to inspire the next generation of volunteers and help us reach our Centennial Service Challenge goal of serving 100 plus million people.


On August 13, the Lions and Leos of Castries joined the Piton Soufriere Lions in a youth mentoring activity.  The activity was held in the village of Canaries where a group of 30 young individuals ranging from age 9 to 15 were given an insight into volunteerism.  The sessions covered the importance of volunteering as well as the benefits to be derived both by individuals and the community


The members of the Leo Club shared the role that the Leo Club plays in volunteering in community as well as their experiences being in such an organization.    The culmination of the session saw the participants being given a cup and a seed.  The cup is to be used to plant the seed and take it to the community nurse where they will be monitor the progress.  The germination of the seed is synonymous to the seed of volunteerism that was planted today.


In closing the worldwide week of service for Youth the Castries Lions used this opportunity to mentor our Leos and engaged them in a service activity. On Sunday August 14 the Castries Leos and their prospective Leos joined with their parent club and treated the patients at the Mental Wellness Institution. This institution was chosen because it is one that is usually forgotten by the general public. The treat was sponsored by the Lions and the Leos spent time serving and engaging the patients. It was a very rewarding activity and it is hoped that this engendered in our Leos the spirit of giving back to those less fortunate. 

(Note: because of patient privacy we are not able to show the Leos serving and interesting with the patients)


Thanks to the management and staff of the Wellness Center for allowing us the opportunity to undertake this activity.   Thanks to the Lions who prepared the snacks and to the Leos for giving us the opportunity to mentor them. ROAR LIONS AND LEOS.


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