WASCO seeks new ways to address water main damage

The Water & Sewerage Company Inc. (WASCO), has announced that it is investigating new technology to tackle damage to water mains.

In a statement, WASCO said it fully understands the inconvenience associated with the temporary suspension of water supply and, in some cases, road closure and the associated traffic disruption.

The company explained that it was aware that mains repairs would cause further inconvenience to the public and customers.

According to WASCO, to tackle water main damage and non-revenue water issues, the utility is investigating new technology and adopting a multi-pronged approach.

Wasco has disclosed that this involves proactive burst prevention by leakage detection, repairs and replacement, facilitated with ongoing assistance from its relationship with the German Government.

The new approach also involves replacement and rehabilitation of aged water mains and implementation of water pressure management.

Nevertheless, WASCO has noted that because many of the utility’s mains and lines are located beneath the road surface, inevitably in an effort to both repair and access the damaged infrastructure the roadways have to be excavated.

“Our team has ensured that these roads on completion of pipe and main repairs, are refurbished to surface level where they are comfortably motorable, with the exception of immediate asphalt paving,” the WASCO statement said.

It said that in an effort to ensure timely adjustment, as well as completing refurbishment and road rehabilitation, last year the Ministry of Infrastructure and WASCO signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for road repairs.

WASCO observed that several parts of the city of Castries and some areas in the North which previously had been temporarily compromised to undergo service maintenance, have now been fully refurbished.

The company asserted that this same process is being implemented with its Southern road rehabilitation works.