Bagatelle resident claims Police shot him without cause

Bagatelle resident, Manassa Brown, lies in a bed at Victoria Hospital nursing a gunshot wound sustained in what he told the Times was an unprovoked shooting by a police officer.

The matter is currently under investigation.

manassa-brown-2Brown, 29, told the Times that he had just had a shower, dressed and went to his mother’s shop where he was asked to attend to a customer.

“There was a commotion going on on the road – I heard the noise and then I heard this loud sound,” he recalled.

Brown said he saw a man with a polo shirt  and jeans facing the shop.

He recounted that the man was brandishing a firearm.

The twenty-nine year old said he was shot in his lower abdomen and fell unconscious.

Brown told the Times he was shot by the man,whom he identified by name as a police officer who was attending to the disturbance on the road.

“He opened fire on me and I was innocent,” he declared.

Brown told the Times he was well dressed, had nothing in his hand to cause the officer to feel threatened and was no part of the disturbance on the road.

“I had just come out and was going to serve the customer in the shop,” the Bagatelle resident observed.

He said he had never set sight on the police officer before.

Brown disclosed that as a result of the incident, his bladder is punctured.

“I can’t eat anything, I can’t drink anything – it’s just liquid for now; only fluids I can take,” he explained, adding that he has a tube that was inserted in his bladder through which he passes urine.

The self employed Bagatelle resident revealed that since Thursday evening when the incident happened, he has been unable to do anything including his work.

“It is really unfair because I have to earn my daily bread,” he declared, stressing that he is an innocent man.

He revealed that since the incident no one has visited him at the hospital.

“All they came for is to take statements,” Brown said of the police.

He accused the police of not being concerned about his health.