Prime Minister of Saint Lucia congratulates Levern Spencer

Prime Minister of Saint Lucia Honourable Allen Chastanet has extended his

congratulations to Women’s High Jump Olympic Finalist Levern Spencer,

for the admirable level of sportsmanship she displayed during the Women’s

High Jump competition in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday, August 20, 2016.

“I believe that her performance is one deserving of national recognition and

pride. I know that we are a nation that is anxious for an Olympic medal but even

then, we must first begin to penetrate to the finals of the Games before that can


“Levern did that for Saint Lucia on this occasion and we are thankful to her as a

government and a nation. Her hard work took us that much closer to the

ultimate goal. Clearly she had to come very far in her own personal journey of

growth as an athlete, to get this far and perform creditably.”

Spencer soared over the bar at 1.88m and then at 1.93 m in a category which

proved very daunting for several athletes who were unable to clear that height.

The Prime Minister surmised that: “Several more young and talented athletes

from Saint Lucia are desirous of getting to the Olympics as well. The message

we do not want to send is that they would be harshly criticized and rejected if

they don’t succeed at bringing home a medal. Obviously this would be

extremely intimidating to them and only hold us back; so we must be mindful of

the signals that we are sending not only to Levern but also to up and coming

crop of Saint Lucian athletes generally”. Acting Prime Minister, Honourable

Dr. Gale T.C. Rigobert and the Cabinet of Ministers also join in extending

congratulations to Levern Spencer on her historic accomplishment.

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