Education Officer concerned about situation facing Millet Infant School

The Education Officer for District Four, Fiona Mayer, has expressed concern over the situation facing the Millet Infant School.

The entrance to school has been blocked, in what is believed to be the latest saga in a long running dispute with the land owner over payment for rental of the land on which the school building was constructed.

“It is rather unfortunate that after several attempts to resolve this situation it has come to this,” Mayer told the Times.

She said she is particularly saddened that as a district and as a school community, such a situation has to be dealt with.

“Our students are the ones who will be most impacted and I am hoping that all relevant agencies can come together to resolve this situation once and for all in the interest of our students,” the Education Officer for District Four stated.

The Millet Infant school is a Catholic institution and the church is responsible for paying the land rental.

The Saint Lucia government, through the Ministry of Planning, is in the process of acquiring the land.

A valuation is expected to be done next year.

There is an agreement that the church will continue paying the land rental until the property is acquired by the government.

A report from the Catholic Church on the matter of land payments was expected to be delivered to the Ministry of Education today.

The Millet Infant school has an enrollment of some 100 students.


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