Saint Lucia welcomes Peace Corps volunteers

Seven American Peace Corps trainees will be sworn in as Peace Corps volunteers this week.

The new trainees bring with them a strong passion for working with children in the area of reading and literacy.

Each of the seven trainees will commit themselves to two years of volunteer service in Saint Lucia, working alongside local counterpart teachers to strengthen the literacy foundation for students in grades 1-3 in primary schools throughout the island.

Since arriving in Saint Lucia on June 10, the trainees have participated in an intensive 10-week program to improve their knowledge of the country, the language and the technical aspects of teaching literacy, particularly in cross cultural settings. During this time, they lived with local families who introduced them to the community, culture and cuisine of Saint Lucia.

The swearing-in ceremony will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 24, at 2 p.m., at the Coco Palm Resort in Rodney Bay.

Mary Kate Lowndes, Country Director for Peace Corps Eastern Caribbean will administer the oath of service.

Guests to the ceremony include the Deputy Governor General of Saint Lucia, the Minister for Education, the Chief Education Officer, other government officials, principals of partnering schools, families that have hosted the Peace Corps trainees, and Peace Corps staff and volunteers. Currently, there are 10 Peace Corps volunteers serving in Saint Lucia.

Peace Corps volunteers come from all parts of the United States and reflect America’s rich diversity. The Peace Corps program in Saint Lucia is part of a sub- regional Peace Corps program for the Eastern Caribbean headquartered in Saint Lucia.

The Peace Corps first arrived in Saint Lucia in 1961 and over the years, over 800 Peace Corps volunteers have worked with local counterparts in the areas of education, community development, agriculture, youth development, small business development and health education.

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