Authorities report ‘startling’ child abuse statistics

Local authorities have reported more than 200 cases of abuse of children for the first half of this year.

Family Case Worker, Leah Goring, has disclosed that of the 252 cases reported to the Division of Human Services, 151 relate to females and 101 to males.

Goring said depending on the nature and gravity of abuse, children may have to be removed from the family home and placed in foster care for their own protection.

The Family Case Worker disclosed that there is currently need for seven persons to provide foster care.

“We do not have other places to put these children so Human Services is soliciting the support of the public to come forward and make themselves available for assessment to become foster carers for these children,” Goring stated.

According to her, babies abandoned at birth at the hospital require the most care and attention and really stretch the resources of the division.

She has called on individuals who are unable or unwilling to be a foster parent but would like to contribute financially to improving a child’s life, to visit the Division of Human Services to make such an arrangement.

Goring explained that giving does not have to be monetary in nature.

She revealed that donors can give baby wipes, diapers, clothing or used clothing in good condition.

The Family Case Worker noted that the items can take those items to the Division of Human Services.

Jacinta Charles, a Chef by profession, took up the challenge of fostering three children even after having five of her own.

Jacinta-CharlesShe said it has always been her dream to take care of children and has  appealed to the public  to care just a little more for the nation’s children.

“They don’t have to think of the expense. If you have love in your heart for children you will not think about the money or what they are going to do.  Just do it for God and for the children’s sake,” Charles asserted.

She spoke of seeing children on the road getting pregnant at 13 at 12 years old because they do not have a good parent or they do not have a good home or a good meal to eat.

Charles declared that would be foster parents should not think of the money or how they are going to help.

“Do it for God and the children’s sake,” she stated.





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