Rambally proposes special response team for mentally ill

Medical Practitioner, Doctor Josiah Rambally, has  expressed the hope that in the future, there will be  a special team set up here to respond to reports of mentally ill persons who are acting up.

Rambally, who worked at the Mental Hospital here for many years, asserted that police officers are doing a “wonderful” job as far as they can.

“I have seen mentally ill persons injure police officers and they need to protect themselves,” he asserted.

However he noted that in many countries of the world there are specially trained people on a special team that responds around the clock to crisis situations involving the mentally ill.

“These people know how to handle the mentally challenged,” Rambally observed.

He explained that having such a team in place is the ideal.

“We are hoping that in the future the health authorities will consider specially trained people with their own vehicles to handle people who are mentally ill, because that is a big challenge and the way they can react no one can predict,” he stated.

Rambally commended the police, saying that they are doing the best they can in dealing with mentally challenged individuals.

Police have in the past been criticized for the use of deadly force in confrontations with mentally challenged persons.

However just recently Vieux Fort police were commended for heir restraint in dealing with a mentally challenged man who went on a rampage, injuring a police officer and others in the process.

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