SLP MPs claim being sidelined in school bursaries and STEP

PRESS RELEASE:- It has been brought to the attention of the Saint Lucia Labour Party that the Government of Saint Lucia has recently approved funds in respect of the annual Schools Assistance Program to be overseen by the St. Lucia Social Development Fund.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party is, however, disturbed and concerned that the distribution of these funds has commenced absent of the involvement of our six (6) sitting Members of Parliament.

It is a long-established practice that whilst the funds are made available by the Government, the disbursement of these is actually channelled via the elected Parliamentary Representatives.   

In addition to the fact that none of the Saint Lucia Labour Party’s elected Members of Parliament has been contacted, we have also been made aware that in some instances the United Workers Party’s losing candidates are already engaged in recommending individuals for these bursaries.

These actions by the government are not only discriminatory and unlawful, but in addition, they seek to relegate the duly elected Saint Lucia Labour Party’s Members of Parliament whilst promoting the failed UWP candidates.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party further notes that the Short Term Employment Programme (STEP) has commenced and here, too, the Party’s elected Members of Parliament have been sidelined as to date no one from the executing agency has contacted any SLP Parliamentarian.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party not only strongly condemns this unlawful practice of the Government but also reminds Prime Minister Chastanet that whilst in office, we respected the wishes of the electorate and involved all opposition MPs in every activity related to their constituencies.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party, therefore, calls on Prime Minister Chastanet to do likewise and respect the wishes of the electorate by treating the opposition MPs with the dignity befitting of their offices.   


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