Minister tells Police to be professional in their duties

National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, has told police officers in the South of the Island that he will be their biggest fan and their greatest critic.

At a meeting with the officers, Francis said he informed them that they must carry out their duties with professionalism.

“There are some basic things that they were taught when they joined the police force that they seem to have forgotten,” the former Deputy Police Commissioner told the Times.

He recalled telling the police officers that while he will be their biggest supporter, he will become a fierce critic when they do not do what they are supposed to.

“I know that the Commissioner and his officers are giving them the requisite training that they require to perform their duties at the highest quality and if they falter, then obviously I will be in a position to say that I am disappointed with their work,” Francis told the Times.

He described the meeting with the police in the South of the Island as having been very “upbeat”, with those in attendance understanding his position.

Asked for his opinion of the biggest challenge facing the police currently, the National Security Minister said it was the IMPACS report which is hanging over the heads of members of the RSLPF.

“Persons feel they do not want to trust the police and they are a little hesitant in taking action where they are supposed to take action,” Francis explained.

He revealed that he had assured law enforcers that the government will be dealing with the matter as expeditiously as possible.

“The only difficulty that I have is the appointment of a DPP; but as soon as that has been done they can rest assured that this matter is going to disappear,” the minister asserted.