Police to launch new School Crime Watch initiative

Police plan to launch a School Crime Watch programme in Education District Five in the coming weeks, as part of the mission, vision and objectives of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

The initiative will be a collaborative effort between the Richfond and Dennery police stations, according to the RSLPF.

It follows the successful launch of a similar programme by the Community Relations Branch of the RSLPF in Education Districts one to four.

According to the RSLPF, the School Crime Watch is similar to a Neighbourhood Watch.

The crime prevention programme has six objectives, namely:

  1. To help youth watch out for each other to make the entire school area safer and more enjoyable for all.
  2. Allows student to take a share  responsibility for their school community.
  3. Help them learn how to keep away from  becoming victims of crimes.
  4. Learn the best ways to report suspicious activities or arguments between students.
  5. Help build school wide resistance to criminal activities.
  6. Provide a way for students to respond to incidents of crime and related issues.

The RSLPF says that the School Crime Watch programme is well structured and allows for students to remain anonymous.

“It causes students to have zero tolerance for crime whether as a victim or a witness,”  Sergeant Ted King of the Richfond Police station  said.


  1. Omg
    August 26, 2016 at 6:24 am

    The police should get out on the streets and do the work they are getting paid to do and stop targeting school children (easy targets I guess). They trained to do policing not teach…….leave that for otherrors agencies like probation department, human services, social services etc…..

      August 26, 2016 at 2:24 pm

      When an idiot talks from misunderstanding then you hear a fool give voice to matters he knows not about but consider’s himself an expert upon.

      Every upright citizen in our communities share an equal burden for the reduction in and final elimination of crime. That fortunately includes children. In fact more so children as they are the most vulnerable among us. The Police are not asking the children to do their work, they are seeking to make them aware that not only do they have a meaningful role in keeping their environment crime free, but have a responsibility for their own safety even as the Police seek to protect them. The other agencies have their roles in the safety and education of our children, however, it remains, that there must be positive interaction between the Police and the communities they serve and that includes school children. The Police can’t be everywhere at the same time part of the time far-less for all of the time. Therefore we must in our own way be “the Police” by cooperating with the Police in keeping our communities safe and crime free. Additionally the Police are out on the streets, maybe not in the numbers we would hope, but the question begging response is “do they have sufficient manpower to have a more pronounced and effective presence 24 X 7 ? When you have answers to this question and have a full understanding of what’s at stake, who the stakeholders really are in the fight against crime, and to what extent must every stake holder be involved, then you will write not as an idiot with nothing to share, but as an intelligent individual with a meaningful contribution.

  2. Evette Kwing
    August 26, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    Bravo to the Royal St. Lucia Police Force. To create such a programe working together with students and the community. Let’s pray to God it all works out for everyone’s best interest..May God bless the Students. .principals..school board. .Ministry of Education. .the School bus drivers and the Police officers working at the various schools for a safe and peacefull school year. Keep up the good work Sergeant Ted King