Crisis Centre official laments breakdown in morals

Asserting that there has been an increase in reports of incest to the Saint Lucia Crisis Centre, Vice President of the institution, Stephen Lambert, has bemoaned a breakdown in morals nationwide.

“What we are finding in this country is a breakdown in morals of a lot of people,” Lambert asserted.

He referred to this week’s alleged rape of a ten year old girl by an adult male.

Lambert noted that while a lot of individuals are talking about the alleged incident and trying to figure out the definition of rape and carnal knowledge, no one is addressing the child’s need for counseling.

He disclosed that the alleged victim will need years of counseling to be able to function properly in the society again.

The Crisis Centre official declared that the legal system has to function better.

“The police and the court system have to be able to do their job,” he stated, adding that people who interfere with the work of the police ought to face the full brunt of the law.

Just this week the Division of Human Services disclosed that more than two hundred cases of child abuse had been reported for the first half of this year.

Lambert expressed the view that the figure represents merely the tip of the iceberg.

He spoke out against persons who accept ‘hush money’ to pervert the course of justice in the case of children who are abused, asserting that the law needs to get tougher on them.

“We cannot allow people to profit from the pain of others,” Lambert declared.

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