NSC responds to imminent tuition fee increase

NSC responds to imminent tuition fee increase

Castries, Saint Lucia, Monday 29th August. In a press briefing held by the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College earlier this month, Principal of the institution described the current fee structure as “unrealistic”, therefore hinting at an impending increase in tuition. Last year, through joint discussions between the executive of the NSC and the Board of Governors, the two parties agreed to establishing a payment method to assist less fortunate students in pursuing their dreams.
Hence, whatever structure considered by the college must reflect a total transformation in its day to day functions, which student services and faculty must reciprocate. Several challenges such as the poor communication between administration and students, ineffective security for students on campus against outside elements and the absence of modern technologies to enhance the entire student experience must be addressed in a robust effort to upgrade the status of the institution.

The National Students’ Council supports any drive adding value to education system as long as all  surrounding mechanisms are established and works in the best interest of the students of Saint Lucia.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 29, 2016 at 11:54 pm Reply

    Haha. A few short months ago the proposal of an increase in school fees saw these NSC clowns threatening to incite a riot. Now this same increase is in your best interest. A little political grease on the hands goes a long way eh!

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