Pavee house destroyed by fire

A wooden dwelling house at Pavee has been destroyed by fire.

A Fire Service official told the Times that when they arrived on the scene the building, measuring about 20 feet by twenty feet, was already ablaze.

According to the official, there was little the response crew could have done to save anything.

However he told the Times that the crew managed to prevent the fire from spreading to nearby homes.

The official explained that access to the blazing building posed a challenge because it was located quite a distance from the main road.

He observed that the response crew had to use about eight lengths of hose, when three lengths would suffice in normal circumstances.

The official noted that unplanned development was responsible for the situation.

The occupant of the building which was destroyed was not at home at the time of the fire.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service reported receiving a distress call at 2:50 pm.

Just yesterday firemen were summoned to the scene of a fire at Marchand, where another dwelling house was completely destroyed.

At the time the Responders complained that indiscriminately parked vehicles made it a challenge to manoeuvre the fire truck which was dispatched to the area.

They also told the Times that live electrical wires and the way the property had been fenced up with galvanized sheets placed lengthwise,  created problems for them in fighting the fire.