Bandits attack women near walkway overpass

Two women were robbed at knife point tonight within minutes of each other, while a third managed to fend off two young bandits with her umbrella, the Times has learned.

The incident occurred opposite Gablewoods Mall shortly before 8:30 pm, according to reports.

The women had apparently alighted from a bus and were about to cross the walkway overpass that would have taken them  to the Gablewoods Mall side, then they were attacked by two young men.

The first woman was robbed of a handbag containing unspecified items.

Minutes later, two other women who were walking together were attacked, one of them being relieved of her handbag although they screamed for help.

One member of the duo used her umbrella to fend off one of the attackers and managed to hold on to her handbag, according to information reaching the Times.

The police were summoned to the scene and have begun investigations.

According to reports, it appears that the two young bandits  hid in bushes near the base of the walkway opposite Gablewoods Mall.

It is reported that tonight’s attack was not the first in the same area.

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