Labour Commissioner’s intervention requested as twelve temporary employees of CCC were terminated

Press release:- The St. Lucia Seamen Waterfront and General Workers’ Trade Union seeks the URGENT intervention  of the Labour Commisioner in bringing the parties together to address what appears to be a new industrial relation trend adopted  by the Castries Constituencies Council.

The Union has reliable information which indicates that twelve (12) temporary employees of the Castries Constituencies Council  have been terminated, without any consideration to the fact that most of these employees have been continuously employed by Council for well over a year.  Moreover the Union was informed that upon inquiry the employees concerned were informed that Council does not like the idea of having temporary employees and as such has decided to terminate their employment.   

The Union deems this inconsiderate and high hand, since Council has always engaged in hiring employees on a temporary basis with the intention of making them permanent once satisfied with their performance.  These Temporary employees constitute part of the Bargaining Unit and the Union was not consulted on this matter.