Malfinis broadens its involvement in Animation Training in the OECS

Managing Director Malfinis  Film and Animation Studio,  Mr. Branford  expressed his pleasure and gratitude for being selected with the progress that his company has made  in being chosen to provide 2D Animation Training and Certification Programme for the  CARCIP (Grenada ) .   

CARCIP –  The Caribbean Regional Communications Program, is   funded by the World Bank IDA  SDR.  The three beneficiary countries are Grenada, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Saint  Lucia in Phase I  

The overall cost of the first phase  is 25 million USD and of which3M USD  is a grant .  The funding allocation for such a project is  as follows  a) Grenada  credit is in the amount 6.5  SDR  equivalent to 10 MUSD.  b)  St Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines  each 3.9  SDR equivalent to 6’0  MUSD.  The regional grant is equivalent to  3.0  MUSD  targeted at the Caribbean Telecommunication s Union project  This ISA a IDA credit with a final maturity of forty (40) years and a grace period of 10 years.  The countries can anticipate a ten year grace period.

The  CARCIP project is structured in three primary components  viz  a) Regional Connectivity infrastructure ; b) an ICT Led Innovation  and c) an Implementation support. A fourth component  is already scheduled but can only be expected post Phase 1 of the project.  The fourth component will be aimed at improving Government and private sector efficiency and transparency by leveraging the regional broadband infrastructure towards delivery of a wide variety of e-services..

Malfinis Film and Animation Studio, is expected to be in Grenada for the next five months conducting training for CARCIP and the Grenadian government at the newly retrofitted lab at the T A Marryshow Community College. The programme which is launched 6th September , seeks to  train and expose  twenty – five  (25) unemployed youth  in the art  of animation.  In accordance with the outline of the CARCIP project,  the training in  animation is just a small component of the overall project within the ICT Led Innovation.  Following  the  five- month programme which is characterized as of continuous assessment , the participants are expected to  undertake  an examination to  fulfill the requirements of  Toonboon professional certification which represents a hallmark of the global standards and benchmark of the Animation industry.  The students are expected to be prepared  for the global network of the players in the  industry and will get the opportunity  to present themselves for consideration for internships  and employment at production studios.  

Ms Alice Bain the CARCIP Project Coordinator, who delivered the remarks during the brief opening ceremony and orientation of the participants at the TA MARRYSHOW Community College on Tuesday 6th September. Her focus was on the value of the course which is free to the participants who she said had to undergo an aptitude selection process. However, she also encouraged the commitment which they ought to make in order to derive true value and reward from the opportunity offered to them.

Managing Director Malfinis Film and Animation Studio, Mr. Branford expressed his pleasure and gratitude for being selected with the progress that his company has made in being chosen to provide 2D Animation Training and Certification Programme for the CARCIP (Grenada )

Mr. Milton Branford Malfinis Film and Animation Studio, outlined in his introduction the scope of career possibilities that exist in the industry for the participants. He provided an outline of the animation training program, schedules and expectations, and the process and value of certification – which was also reinforced by T A Marryshow Community College and the Centre for Excellence.

Malfinis has a contingent in Grenada which comprises of its senior animators – Tevine Loctar and Francis Butcher. Butcher who is the facilitator of the training for the five months is a Toon Boon certified animator. The team Malfinis, was accompanied by David Jordan of Giordano Associates Ltd Giordano Associates has offered and enabled the business development and advice to this initiative.

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