CDF to launch Saint Lucia’s Cultural Map

On Wednesday 14th September, the Cultural Development Foundation will launch Saint Lucia’s Cultural Map during a live demonstration of the online portal for information on Saint Lucia’s arts, culture and heritage resources.

The event, open to the public, will take place at the Cultural Development Foundation’s conference room from 10:00 a.m. Following the demonstration, attendees will have an opportunity to explore the online Cultural Map through computer terminals set up in the conference room.

From August 2014, members of Saint Lucia’s arts community were invited to add their profiles to an online database, designed to provide the community with a searchable, comprehensive directory and visual map of individual artists, businesses, cultural organizations, events, venues, built heritage, collections, and public art.

The Saint Lucia Cultural Map is an interactive resource that maps data on persons, places and spaces engaged in either cultural or creative activities across Saint Lucia. It brings together a number of indicators into one place, and provides a tool that can support understanding of audiences and strategic decision making.

The Saint Lucia Cultural Map has been designed with the interests of cultural and creative industry policy-makers and stakeholders in mind. One of its unique characteristics is that it benefits local authorities, funding and planning agencies, individuals and private organizations alike.

This is a dynamic resource, which will grow as the Cultural Development Foundation develops further data sets.

The Saint Lucia Cultural Map was originally funded by UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity and the Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries to pilot and develop the Map, following research jointly commissioned with the Cultural Development Foundation in 2014.

The Cultural Development Foundation supports individual and organizations in the cultural sector to understand more about their audiences and how to increase both engagement and reach.

As a starting point, the Saint Lucia Cultural Map uses data-sets about cultural practitioners and users that have been gathered over the last two years as part of the pilot project.

This is combined on the map with research undertaken within the OAS Craft Enhancement Project and a number of additional sources.

Together, the Saint Lucia Cultural Map is able to present information on individuals, spaces and places. It is possible to view the data as they are distributed across the country as a whole, or to focus on a particular district, community or cultural resource.

We want the Saint Lucia Cultural Map to be a useful, practical tool that promotes investigation and understanding that is at the same time, accessible and easy to use.