Education Minister thanks Guyana President over Cub Scout incident

Education Minister, Doctor Gale Rigobert, has expressed gratitude to Guyana’s President, David Granger, for his personal interest in and assistance to two Saint Lucian Cub Scouts who were involved in an accident in Guyana.

The two youngsters  – Nick  Omarie Joseph, 8  and Darnell Matthews, 9, were attending the 14th Caribbean Cuboree when they were hit by a vehicle in Georgetown on July 26, 2016.

Matthews sustained relatively minor injuries while Joseph  reportedly sustained a fractured skull and injury to his lung as a result of being submerged after being hit by the vehicle.

Quick action by a team of doctors in Guyana saw his condition being stabilized and after some days in hospital, he returned home.

Doctor Gale Rigobert,  in a  September 5, 2016 letter to President Granger, said his assistance is a reminder that the people of the region are one Caribbean family who celebrate each other’s victories and feel each other’s pain.

“We are thankful for your quick response and agreement to meet the full medical expenses of those injured in the accident,” Rigobert noted.

She observed that the constant communication between the governments of Saint Lucia and Guyana, the parents of the Cub Scouts and the Doctors at the hospital on the status of the boys’ condition was instrumental in alleviating the fears of the parents of the scouts and the Ministry of Education here.

“For your personal interest, Your Excellency, in the boys’ well being and your visit to them whilst in hospital, the Ministry of Education, Innovation,Gender Relations and Sustainable Development also wishes to express our deepest appreciation,” the Minister wrote.

On behalf of the parents of the Cub Scouts and the government and people of Saint Lucia, Rigobert reiterated sincere appreciation for all the assistance provided by President Granger and his administration.

She also expressed gratitude  to the Doctors at the hospital who were involved in treating the Cubs, ensuring their quick recovery from their injuries.