ECTEL Boss gives update on FLOW, Cable and Wireless merger

The Managing Director of the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL), Embert Charles, has been updating members of the media on the situation relating to the authority and the merger between FLOW and Cable and Wireless.

Charles disclosed that ECTEL had talks with the company on arriving at  mechanisms to ease the burden on consumers..

“The status now is that negotiations having broken down a few months ago, is for us to go to the second plan which is to declare the joint operations dominant,” he said.

According to the ECTEL Managing Director, there must be clear procedures for that.

“We have to do the study, we have to do the legal work to ensure the evidence – if the companies are operating as one, from there we apply the rule of regulating the prices, regulating these services,” Charles said.

He said the necessary expertise is being gathered to assist ECTEL in that regard.

Charles asserted that in the meantime, some of the licences are up for renewal and the regulator is considering the applications now before it.

“At the same time the policy makers will be thinking , if the law permits, what kind of provisions can  be put in the new licences to address the impact that we were trying to address in the negotiations which we were unable to do,” he explained.

He promised that ECTEL will be reporting on the progress of that.