Counselors to help students deal with Joanne Wilfred’s death

Counselors have been mobilized to help students of the Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary school deal with the trauma of the sudden death of school mate, Joanne Wilfred.

School officials told the Times that the counselors are expected to be at the school this morning to begin sessions with the students.

Wilfred, who had been involved in a netball training session is reported to have complained of feeling unwell.

According to reports,  the Canaries resident was later rushed to the Soufriere hospital where she died.

Staff and students of the Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary school are in shock over the sudden death.

“They were screaming and wailing because they could not believe it,” a staff member told the Times.

Some members of staff have visited the family of the deceased to offer condolences.

Joanne Wilfred played goal attack for her school and also played for the Saint Lucia National Netball Youth Team.

She was described as a very lively individual who was full of life.

“She was always smiling,” a member of the school staff told the Times, adding that the deceased was in form five.