Fedee Speaks on Tourism Industry Developments

The Hon. Minister spoke of the establishment of a Saint Lucia Tourism Authority and increased airlift from the Chicago and New Jersey markets.

The Minister in the the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Tourism, Information and Broadcasting, the Hon. Dominic Fedee, recently spoke on the establishment of a Saint Lucia Tourism Authority.

The Authority aims to bring together the key functions of marketing and product development, to promote Saint Lucia as a tourism destination.

“Consultation has begun on the establishment of a Saint Lucia Tourism Authority,” Minister Fedee said. “The consultant is conducting interviews and speaking to various stakeholders in the sector so that we can come up with the right framework to establish the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority.”

Minister Fedee also spoke of a favourable increase in airlift into Saint Lucia.

“I am excited to announce that we have inked deals with United Airlines. Out of Chicago in addition to the current Saturday flight, we will have a Sunday flight which will enable people from cities around the Chicago area to come to Saint Lucia in greater numbers. We have also seen great promise in the New Jersey area, so we have interviewed with United Airlines and we will have an additional flight from the Newark Airport coming on Sunday.”

The briefing also informed of the establishment of a cruise committee, a yachting committee and a national tourism training program aimed at giving Saint Lucia the advantage in regards to service within the sector.