SLP seeks clarification on Caretakers and Bursaries programmes

PRESS RELEASE:-The Saint Lucia Labour Party is seeking clarification from the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment, Youth Development, Sports, Culture and Local Government on the implementation of its Roadside Caretakers Programme. The SLP wishes to be informed whether the Programme:

  • Is it being implemented in all seventeen (17) constituencies;
  • How much is the Programme costing the Government of Saint Lucia;
  • How many persons are employed in each constituency;
  • How were the persons employed selected.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party also wishes to express concern with Hon. Mary Isaac’s claims that all Parliamentarians who won their seats received thirty (30) bursaries. The Saint Lucia Labour Party wishes to state that none of its Parliamentarians were informed nor invited to submit requests for bursaries. It is dishonest and patently wrong for Hon. Isaac to imply that such was the case.

In addition, Sen. Hon. Isaac’s claims that she got fifteen (15) bursaries as a handout for not winning her constituency.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party calls upon Hon. Leonard Spider Montoute to clarify the claims of Sen. Hon. Isaac by providing answers to the following:

  • whether Opposition Parliamentarians were informed of the 30 bursaries which were allocated as claimed by Hon. Mary Isaac;
  • are all UWP losing candidates getting fifteen (15) bursaries and other assistance as Senator  Hon. Isaac claims to be getting;
  • If so, will the SLP losing candidates also be allocated fifteen (15) bursaries and other assistance.

In addition the Saint Lucia Labour Party understands from all evidence and present practice of the UWP Government, it is obvious that every attempt is being made to exclude Parliamentarians from the Saint Lucia Labour Party from benefiting from allocations made.

This is contrary to the practice of the Saint Lucia Labour Party when in Government when it ensured that then opposition Parliamentarians received allocations and assistance.

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