College boys attacked….again!

Two students of St Mary’s College  (SMC) were attacked and robbed yesterday afternoon, the second such incident this month.

SMC Principal, Rowan Seon told the Times that the incident occurred on the college field at about 4:20 pm.

He said two “hoodlums” grabbed the bags belonging to the two college boys and ran.

“We were able to chase them but they disappeared into the bush,” Seon explained.

He said the bags were later recovered, minus two mobile telephones that were in them.

Seon revealed that one of the SMC students was struck with a stone.

The injury sustained was not life threatening, he said.

According to the SMC Principal, one of the assailants was recognized and  a photo of him was obtained from Facebook.

Seon told the Times that the photo will be handed over to the police.

Last week  four students of SMC who were playing on the school compound were robbed of their mobile telephones and wallets by criminals who accosted them.