Mother: Teenage stabbing victim recovering

Grace Joseph, the mother of teenage stabbing victim, Seth Joseph, has told the Times that the boy is recovering.

The fifteen year old was stabbed near the region of the heart on Tuesday by a student of the George Charles Secondary school, the mother told the Times.

Grace Joseph said her son and his attacker, whom she identified as a sixteen year old who is known to the victim, were both in school uniform at the time of the incident  on Tuesday afternoon.


(Grace Joseph)

She indicated that Seth and his sister  were standing on the sidewalk when the assailant approached and shoved him, attempting to take her son’s headphones.

According to Joseph, her son pushed back whereupon the assailant whipped out a knife and stabbed him.

Joseph recalled that her son, who attends the Vide Bouteille Secondary School was rushed to hospital where he underwent surgery.

She disclosed that from a situation where he was unable to eat or drink, the boy was able to drink some water yesterday.

However she said the teenager is unable to speak.

Joseph told the Times that from what she has heard, the teenage attacker is in hiding.

She said she made an unsuccessful attempt to visit the parents of the assailant, but asserted that they did not want to speak with her.

The concerned mother, who made a photo of her injured son available to the Times,  has called on the parents of the attacker to encourage him to turn himself in.

Joseph told the Times her son had no trouble with the young assailant, with whom he used to play football.

She said she was told that the Police needed a statement from the victim first, before an arrest can be made.