Sarah Peter’s ‘Off Limits’ dives into the unconventional

PRESS RELEASE:-Is life overseas truly what it is set out to be ? Will the LGBT community ever be liberated and is a next Female Prime Minister imminent in our society ? Travelling to Paris, New York and Jamaica, United Nations Fellow and International Journalist Sarah Peter finds answers to some of these pertinent questions.

The media personality dives into the unconventional for her third season of the television documentary series OFF LIMITS . The show airs this and every Sunday on Carib Vision at 9pm.

The TV documentary series, OFF LIMITS takes an unprecedented dimension into important social issues. The initiative which is the brain child of the TV Producer explores topics which are seemingly “off limits” . The show specifically looks into social issues, human rights violations, education and the youth.

The 30 minute program also features a 10 to 12 minute segment called Youth Talk which highlights the achievements of young people in the region.

This season of Youth Talk features young successful university graduates, entrepreneurs and youngsters who have persevered and worked hard to attain success.

The show also featured young successful persons in the tourism industry. The TV documentary series will be aired this and every Sunday on Carib Vision at 9pm.


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