Know your laws: Physical Restraints or Searching

“Know Your Laws” is a production of the Press Office of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

Physical Restraints or Searching




It is lawful for a police officer or correctional officer to put on a person arrested, whether with or without a warrant, physical restraints, whether by hand cuffs, leg-restraints or other means—

(a)     whenever such person is being moved from a place of confinement to Court or from Court to a place of confinement;

(b)     whenever such person is being moved from one place of confinement to another, if there exists a reasonable apprehension of violence or of attempts to escape or by order of the Court.


(1)     Whenever any person is arrested by a police officer, or any other person, under any of the provisions of this Code, the officer or person making the arrest may search the person and place in safe custody all articles other than necessary wearing apparel found on him or her.

(2)     Whenever it is necessary to cause a female to be searched, the search shall be made by another female with strict regard to decency.


“We, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force would like to encourage the citizenry to read and study the laws which governs our society. Never forget that knowledge is power”.

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  1. Anonymous
    September 19, 2016 at 9:58 pm

    what if the female officer doing search is a lesbian,the female being searched should have option of having a male officer do the search,for moral ethical reasons.otherwise the police are subject to lawsuit.