T&T: Suspected Child Predator caught

Trinidad Express:-A suspected child predator allegedly held by relatives of an 11-year-old schoolgirl in Chaguanas last week, appeared in court on Monday charged with the offence of sexual grooming.

Neil Bissessar, 29, was denied bail in order to allow the police the chance to conduct a criminal background trace. The case was adjourned to Wednesday and Bissessar, his right hand in bandages, taken away to prison.

Bissessar was represented by defence attorney Taradath Singh who said that his client had suffered a broken middle finger and injuries to his spine and back.

The offence was laid under the Children’s Act, and Bissessar was not called on to enter a plea.

He was held last Thursday by the mother of the girl, along with a group of her male relatives after the child was allegedly contacted by Whats App.

Photographs of a dishevelled man tied hands and feet were posted on social media, with most people supporting of the actions of the mother.

According to the law, sexual grooming of a child is meant to gain the trust of a child, or of a person who takes care of the child, for the purpose of sexual activity with the child.

According to Section 25 (1) of the Children’s Act, the penalty for the offence is $50,000 or ten years in prison on summary conviction, or to a fine of $100,000 and imprisonment for 20 years upon indictment.